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Our Story



Once upon a time…

about 14 years ago, I was a little red headed kid running around the streets of a small town in northern California. On a typical day you might have found me exploring the mountains behind my house or running from cops for shooting a skate video in areas where skating was prohibited. I’m one of five boys, and We liked to have fun. when i was in fifth grade my oldest brother and i bought a sony handicam, and we made everything from skate films to short comedic documentaries. I wish we could find all the mini dv tapes of the videos we shot. oh the memories! my brothers all loved attention and wanted to be on camera, so I ended up being the camera man. and since then, I’ve been the guy behind the lens.

Fast forward about 7 years and i was applying to colleges in iowa; really for no other reason than it being “the thing you do after high school.” I won’t say college is a bad thing, but it wasn’t right for me. I did really well, but i realized I just picked a career off the list of the highest income earners. Dentistry. I didn’t care about dentistry, but I just didn’t think my passion could become a career. a year later I left college, met my beautiful wife, and bought a little canon camera. And the rest is history.

i rediscovered my love of telling stories. I realized that Stories have power. They delight, enchant, and teach. They motivate us, challenge us, and help us to understand. And with my camera, i now had the power to make films that could tell a story.

that takes us to December 31st, 2015. I filmed my first wedding, and it was a blast. I stumbled my way through editing until i had something worth showing the couple, And after i heard that the bride’s mom cried while watching it, I was hooked to wedding filmmaking. (you can watch my first wedding film here.) since then, I’ve poured my heart into wedding filmmaking, and i love it! But what i love more than just filming the wedding day is the opportunity and honor i’m given to tell a real story. a love story. one with hardships and victories, happy times and sad ones. but one where the love two people share will always be worth fighting for.

I’m now a dad of two amazing kids, and husband to that total babe i mentioned earlier, and i’d absolutely love to tell your story!

and No matter what you choose to call me; destination wedding videographer, elopement Videographer, wedding Videographer, indie wedding filmmaker, I like to tell stories, so I’ll call myself a storyteller.

Hi, I’m Isaac Mumma.